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                     JAYE OUELLETTE


All paintings are acylic on panel, with a satin varnish finish.

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 By constant observation, I strive to understand the Oceans  magnetism and elements, eternally changing and yet forever the same.  I pay close attention to a saturated strand of purple or turquoise radiating from a wave's trough, or the rosy glow of sun against crest, so luminous it could be lit from within. Those fleeting traits impress only on memory. I paint the Ocean as the mind understands it – not a precise recording nor the rendering of an impressionist's flourish, but something between the two.

I build my work around those singular details, focusing on a solitary swell or a rolling curl as it ripples toward the shore. I get close to the surface, so close that the foreground flattens out, skewing the viewer's perspective, nearly abstracting the subject. My depictions are purely of water, without land, sky or scale, one is lost, consumed, ensnared.

The paintings capture a slice of time that the ocean will never again replicate. I notice these moments through visceral reflex, an inexplicable attraction to the sheen of a particular swell, with its roiling foam and opalescent mid tones that hint at emerald depths. These are the elements that move me and compel me to depict the Ocean. I paint the sea itself, caught in its persistent motion, a meditative reflection on this ancient body, at times so violent and other times so serenely beautiful, that has birthed legend, tragedy, life.

Jaye Ouellette