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Available Paintings                                  JAYE OUELLETTE

 All of the paintings are acrylic on panel.

They are in front mounted floating frames, hand grained in dark colours to compliment the painting.


 click on any image for more information, value and to see it larger:


  click here to see my new body of work  'Water and Fire'


I have been mostly working on commissions for the last few years. I'll be completing new paintings for a solo exhibition at The Andrew and Laura McCain Gallery in New Brunswick for the month of August 2020. If you would like to be notified when new paintings become available just send me a quick note and you'll be the first to  know info@jaye,ca

A custom painting could be something that you might consider. Perhaps you want a painting for a specific place, so colours and size are important. The many clients I have done custom paintings for, love to be involved in the creative process and have been thrilled with their completed painting. Ask me about how a commission works and I think you'll be intrigued.